Use if you're close to the EU region

Block Height 546,782
Block Reward 2,470.5235 IXI
Connected Miners 5 (8 workers)
Pool Fee 2 %
Payment Interval 1 hour
Total Payments 6,689,547.6138 IXI
Pool Difficulty 18443350213839819
Pool Hashrate 1,064,873 h/s

How do I get started?

Create an Ixian wallet if you don't have one already by using the Ixian LiteWallet. Then download the IxianMiner software to connect to this pool.

Connection Details

Pool Address
IxianMiner command
IxianMiner.exe --pool --wallet YOUR_WALLET --worker YOUR_WORKERNAME

Make sure you replace YOUR_WALLET with your Ixian wallet address and YOUR_WORKERNAME with a name for your mining rig.

Failover Configuration

To add a second IxianPool as Failover, simply add --pool2 "FAILOVER POOL ADDRESS" to your IxianMiner command. For example: --pool2


Support for the pool is offered on the Ixian discord channel.